Ho imparato qualcosa di nuovo e buono sull’Italia



L’economia italiana va male. Una delle nostre maggiori banche rischia di affondare. Il referendum sembrava averci diviso. Va tutto male. O forse no.

Poi leggi un post dell’amico e collega John Hooper, uno dei migliori giornalisti inglesi, e pensi che forse invece si può sperare. E se fosse un punto di partenza…

Grazie a John Hooper che ci autorizza a usare il suo post.

di John Hooper, corrispondente dell’Economist in Italia

It is now six months and one day since my compatriots voted to leave the EU. I have spent a large part of that time in Italy, a country that stands to lose a quite a lot when the British depart. Since June 23rd, in my own country, there has been a spike in hate crime directed at foreigners. A Pole has been murdered just for being a Pole. An Italian whom I count as a dear friend and whose family shared Christmas Eve with us last year was reduced to tears after being verbally abused in front of her (half-British) children. Over the same period in Italy, I have spoken to cab drivers and teachers, shopkeepers and lawyers, cafe owners, journalists, friends and acquaintances, all of whom know — or soon detect — that I am British. Not once in all that time have I been on the receiving end of a single sarcastic or spiteful or even sardonic remark. Not one. And I think that is worthy of record. After the fall of yet another government and the announcement of a bail-out of its third-biggest bank, I scarcely need to say that Italy has problems of its own. But a lack of courtesy is not among them.

So a very special Buon Natale to all my Italian FB friends and followers. This has been a year in which I have learned something new and good about your country.